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Announcements - Don't forget to create your Wodify account!  We need you to: - Update billing info under "my profile" - Sign Waiver - Sign Contract - Transfer important workout results (find out how to here) Thanksgiving hours: Wednesday - Nov 22nd: Normal Class Hours Thanksgiving - Nov 23rd: CrossFit/BURN 8:00AM Black Friday…


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Warm Up - Coach's Choice Skill/Strength - Fitness - 5 Rounds: 5-8 Chin ups (or progression) Rest 1:00 8-10 Ring Dips (or progression) Rest 1:00 Performance - A) Choose 1-2 Muscle Up transition progressions and practice for 5:00 (from least to most advanced) Laying Transition Drill Banded Transition Drill Leg…


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Warm Up - Coach's Choice Skill/Strength - 3 Rounds: 5-8 Pistol Progressions (each leg)3-5 Inchworms, pausing 5-8" at downward dog and hands and feet hollow hold Pistol Progressions: Lateral Box Step up w/controlled negative Rollback Pistol Pistol on plate or box (flexibility impaired) Rig/Ring Assisted Pistol (strength impaired) PistolWeighted Pistol…