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Today we are trying a different kind of skill with more body weight style skills.  These are great skills to help increase body awareness, balance, and flexibility.  Increasing proficiency in these type of "weird" movements will really help you in all aspects of CrossFit.  A lot of these movements are…


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Niki killing some power cleans Announcements - Spring 30 Day Challenge starts on Monday 5/4, sign up today! South Loop CrossFit is hosting the inaugural "Friday Night Lights" at their box.  Join them for a fun filled night!  More info at Warm Up - Coach's Choice Skill/Strength - 5 Rounds…


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Warm Up - Coach's Choice Skill/Strength - "Blue Collar Day" Accumulate the following in 20:00 3:00 Chin and Toes Handstand Hold 3x0:30 4-Position Couch Stretch (per position, per leg) 3:00 Goblet Squat Hold Pistol Progression Work - 3-5 sets of 3-8 reps (per leg) MetCon - 'ello Gov'nor Every minute…