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Warm Up –
Dynamics – Coach’s Choice

2 Rounds:
0:15-0:20 Bottom of Dip Hold
10-15 Swing in Bottom of Dip
5-8 Active Box Shoulder Stretch
10-15 Kip Swings
5-8 Reverse Grip Push ups

Skill/Strength –
Gymastics Test #2
Beginner – 1:30 AMRAP False Grip Ring Rows/1:30 AMRAP Push ups
Intermediate – 3:00 AMRAP Jumping Muscle ups
Advanced – 3:00 AMRAP Muscle ups (Strict or Kipping)

MetCon –
“The Regurgitator”
4 Rounds for time:
15 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
15 Deadlift (225/185lbs)
15 Knees to Elbows

*Training intent – We should be choosing a relatively light deadlift weight for this WOD.  You should be able to hit large sets unbroken throughout all 4 rounds (8+ reps at a time).  Same goes for the wall balls, aim to go unbroken on all rounds.  Shoot for 12:00 or less on this one.

Cool Down –
2:00 Couch Stretch (each leg)