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Announcements – Today’s workout is an “anaerobic day”, which will consist of short and intense intervals followed by short recovery periods. To get the most out of today’s WOD, DO NOT try and pace yourself. Each effort should be all out. Please partner with someone who is of similar ability as you are, as we want these intervals being around 1:1 for work/rest.

Warm Up –
Dynamics – Coach’s Choice

Barbell Warm Up –
2 Rounds:
3 Muscle Cleans
3 Power Clean Footwork (no bar)
3 Position 1 Power Cleans
3 Position 2 Power Cleans

Skill/Strength/MetCon –
A) 10:00 EMOM
3 Hang Power Cleans (start around 60% 1RM and work up if needed)
Beginner – Position 1
Intermediate – Position 2
Advanced – Position 3

3:00 Rest

The remainder of these will be done with a Partner, “you go, I go” style:

B) 4 Rounds (each)
3 Touch and Go Power Cleans (155/105lbs)
0:30 AMRAP Wall Balls

2:00 Rest

C) 4 Rounds:
8 Bar over Burpees

2:00 Rest

D) 3 Rounds:
8 Burpee Box Jumps

2:00 Rest

E) 6 Rounds:
0:20 Max Effort Calories on Rower
1:00 Rest

Cool Down –
2:00 Couch Stretch (each leg)