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WSCF’s Year: 2016 from A – Z

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2016 Has been an amazing year for the gym!

A – Apparel
Over the past year we have put together some great WSCF gear for you guys. We love seeing you represent WSCF with pride all around the country.

B – Baby!
Ben and Pam welcomed their first child and she’s also our first gym baby! Big congratulations to them and we look forward to meeting her.

C – CrossFit
It’s the reason we are here. CrossFit has continued to become more popular this year and there are new gyms opening up all over the city. We are always doing our best to make sure we are the best gym around. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be here without you all willing to challenge yourself everyday.

D – Developing Community
Everyone that has joined the gym has been very open and always makes an effort to greet new people and make them feel comfortable. That is a big part of what CrossFit is all about. It is also great to see people making friends and hanging out with each other outside of the gym.

E – Education
Our coaches have learned a lot this year. We are constantly reading articles, watching videos, and educating each other on ways to better help you accomplish your goals.

F – Firsts
Every time we see a member do something they have never been able to do before it makes us feel great. It doesn’t matter if that’s a muscleup, pull-up, push-up, double-under, or a strength PR. As a coach, it always gives us a win for the day to see those things happen.

G – Goals
The “2016 Goals Board” is full of everyones goals and it makes us proud seeing so many of them crossed off.

H – High Energy
Teaching classes is always fun at WSCF because everyone that comes in is always enthusiastic about the workouts and happy to be in the gym.

I – Instagram
Members have been posting some great pictures from around the gym, before/after classes, and outside the gym and then tagging us in them. We love both seeing your results and hearing your success stories.

J – Josh De La Torre
It was both happy and sad this year. We had JoshD join us for almost 6 months and then life happened and he had to leave us. Those of us who were able to work out with him will remember the enthusiastic coaching, boisterous laugh, and incessant peer pressure to do multiple workouts in a row.

K – Kettlebells
Some of you have had the pleasure of trying out the 88lb and 97lb kettlebells. If you haven’t worked on your kettlebell swings with those monsters add that to the goals board.

L – Learning
It’s not just our coaches learning this year. If we aren’t teaching you a new movement or helping you refine your technique in an exercise then we are doing something wrong. Everyone has been great at working hard at learning proper form and technique on all the exercises we do at WSCF.

M – Members
The gym has almost doubled in size since last year and we are loving all the new faces.

N – New You Challenge
There have been two 6-Week New You Challenges this year and on top of the dozens of pounds and inches lost, we have seen a lot of successes and many of our new members came from that program.

O – Open Gym
This year we have seen more and more people come in on their own to work on mobility or movements they have trouble with. It’s great to see our members working hard on their own.

P – Programs
We have added new programs due to increased demand. Make sure you check out BURN, RowFit, and Yoga in addition to our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes.

Q – Quality
It has been great to see every new member bring something new to the gym. It is a pleasure for our coaches to come to the gym and see our members from every walk of life interacting and working on becoming well-rounded athletes.

R – Races
We had a record 5 members run the Chicago Marathon this year. A number of other members ran other races throughout the year.

S – Signs
We were FINALLY able to get some big signage up facing Wells Street. It’s impossible to walk past the gym now and not know what’s going on at 1219 N Wells Street.

T – Tires
If you haven’t had a chance to flip a few tires in the alley yet you are missing out.

U – Upgrades
We have added some fun gear this year with the additional ring mounts on the rings, the 300lb heavy bag, tires, hammers, and more. Stay tuned as we look to add more equipment in the near future.

V – Value
We have gotten some great feedback from so many members and we are so happy to add value to so many of your lives and workouts, and also to motivate you to push yourselves in new and exciting ways. Don’t be shy, we love hearing from you.

W – Wine+WOD
It was our first Ladies Night at WSCF. It was a huge success with more than 25 ladies in attendance and we are looking forward to having another one in the near future.

X – X-Mas
Our Holiday Party is this weekend! We are looking to forward to seeing everyone mingling and getting to know people from different classes and catches up in a social setting.

Y – Yelp Reviews
Two years in and we still have a 5-Star rating on Yelp. We have gotten some great reviews from members and drop-ins and we love the feedback and support.

Z – Zen Planner
Zen Planner has made some updates this year and we are happy to continue working with them. Make sure you are logging in and tracking your progress in your lifts and workouts.

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