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Spring Programming Cycle Overview

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As you should have heard in classes, we started our latest programming cycle last week on 4/10. I wanted to give everyone an overview of where we are headed programming-wise. Our new cycle will focus on the following skills:

Snatch, Clean & Jerk
Jerk From Rack
Gymnastics and Skill work (differentiated for beginner, intermediate, advanced)
Front Squat
Anerobic and Aerobic Capacity
Push Press
Back Squat

With these skills, various accessory movements will be integrated.

Goals of this cycle:
We are looking to increase general strength of the basic barbell lifts, providing challenging workouts geared towards destroying weaknesses. At this point in the year, our general programming goals are shifting towards a skill bias – expect short and intense WODs on heavy lifting days, EMOM-styled metcons, and workouts geared towards developing your weaknesses into strengths. I will still intersperse longer WODs (especially “aerobic days”) but the priority will be:

– Build a solid strength base, integrating barbell work, dumbbell, kettlebell, and unilateral movements
– Working on eliminating weaknesses (think of the movements you “hate” or “can’t do”)
– Develop technical skills (snatch, clean and jerk, muscle ups, handstand push ups)
– Work on our mental strength

Other Thoughts:
This cycle will be similar to our last long cycle, and very different than ones we have done in the past. It will be 8 weeks long plus one taper week, leading to max out week in June. In this time we will have different “themes”:

– Mental toughness/Grit Days. These will be designed to push your mental fortitude and develop inner strength, in addition to physical abilities
– Competition/Benchmark Day. These days are exactly how they sound. Time to show us what you’re made of. No holding back, gaming the WOD. These will usually be repeats of previous WODs so you’ll get to track your progress over time.
– Training/Practice Day. Most of our workouts will exist in this space. These workouts will involve medium-high intensity, while leaving room to develop and practice your newly acquired skills.

I am very excited to see what everyone can accomplish over the next programming cycle. Just remember, success in CrossFit is not always immediate. It is quite the cliche but when it comes to building strength and developing skills, slow and steady wins the race. Most people want everything to fall into place RIGHT NOW, which usually leads to bad habits or injury. Stick with the program and trust in the system and remember – “Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, but underestimate what can be accomplished in a year”.

Stay Strong!

Coach Krofl