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Athlete Spotlight – Ceasar T.

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Ceasar Tan

I guess I’m an Entrepreneur.

Member at WSCF since:
The beginning! January 2015

1. How did you get started with CrossFit?
One day I got an email from my old crossfit box thanking me for enrolling in their on-ramp program. I was like what the hell is this? I didn’t sign up for anything… Turns out my buddy had just completed the on ramp program there and wanted the $25 referral  discount for his membership. I didn’t know what crossfit was, but I went anyway to see what it was about and It was all over after that.

2. Favorite WOD and/or movement?
Any WOD with double-unders and/or cleans

3. Least favorite WOD and/or movement?

4. What is your proudest CrossFit accomplishment so far?
I’m proud that I wake up early and get to the box most days of the week. That’s quite an accomplishment for me… But on the real, I never played any sports or even stepped into a gym before crossfit. Everything about it was new to me. So just to see my old ass learn all the movements and to go faster and heavier with the workouts is my biggest accomplishment.

5. What is a goal you hope to accomplish in the next 3 months? 1 year?
I want to do a muscle up soon and maybe in a year I’ll snatch my body weight.

6. How has CrossFit affected your life so far?

How hasn’t crossfit affected my life…. It has changed most aspects of my life for the better. From my eating and sleeping habits to the way I approach my business. This will sound cheesy, but Crossfit turned my life around. I used to drink and go to the clubs and bars most nights of the week, wake up at noon everyday and eat fast food all the time. I was very unhealthy with very unhealthy habits. Now I sleep at reasonable times, I’m up at 6am and do everything else in moderation.

7. What is something about you that no one at WSCF knows?
I’m horrible writer. I should have warned you before you read this far.

8 . Advice for someone considering WSCF?
Walk or bike to the gym. Parking can be a pain and expensive.

9. Favorite quote or motto?
Write your own quotes, make up your own mottos.


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