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Endurance Program

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The newest program offering by Wells Street Fitness is Endurance. We saw a need and a desire among both our current members and runners outside the gym.

Many people start running each spring with ambitions of completing a race or even several races. But, by the time race day comes around they end up either having to withdraw due to injury or underperform because they were unsure of how to progress their runs to optimize their performance and aerobic capacity. This isn’t just a handful of people either.

Many people I talk to think that anyone can go out and start running, use that as their daily exercise, and eventually be able to run a race. Occasionally that’s true however, statistics show 50% of runners develop an acute or overuse injury at some point during the running season. Many of these injuries are due to poor running form, but a large of injuries are due to either increasing mileage too quickly or overtraining.

The goal of this program is to communicate with each participant to set specific goals, and train them how to control their foot strike, stride length, and pace. In addition, participants will be exposed to strength and mobility exercises that will keep them injury free and set them up for success in their future races.

Over the course of 6 weeks with classes meeting 3 times per week participants will begin to develop an efficient running style as well as a strong aerobic base to keep them moving over progressively longer runs. The program will culminate in the Sunset Half Marathon where each participant will be able to choose 5k/10k/Half Marathon distances to test their aerobic capacity in a race environment.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating you register for more information here.