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Foundations is Done, What’s Next?

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After you finish the Foundations program you are going to be ready for CrossFit classes. You may notice that your clothes are starting to fit different, your walk up multiple flights of stairs is a little less taxing, your “Baseline” score from Day 1 improved significantly, you are getting stronger, and feeling comfortable with many of the movements you encounter in class.

So what’s next? In the transition from Foundations to your first CrossFit class, you’ll find a lot of similarities and a few differences:

90% of the movements we use in CrossFit classes are learned in Foundations. Just because you learned them does not mean you are a extremely comfortable with them and we do not expect you to be. We are constantly refining and learning new variations of the squat, hinge, push and pull movements. Especially with Olympic Lifting and gymnastics you will find there is a long way to go. But don’t fret, even after 6-12 months of CrossFit many people are still working on refining technique and building strength required for proficiency. Your coaches will always work with you to provide the necessary scaling options and cues for corrections throughout the workout.

CrossFit classes will still follow the same structure (warm up, skill/strength, metcon, cool down) as you had in Foundations. You’ll always receive great coaching, demonstrations, and scaling tips – just like before.

The biggest difference is that we spend more time doing and less time learning. While there will always be a “whiteboard talk” for each class and demo the movements for the day, we’ll spend less group time reviewing the movement. You’ll have more hands on time with the skill/strength and in the MetCon. Because of this, the first few weeks can be a bit more physically demanding than Foundations.

After completing Foundations, I recommend that you take yourself through a “Foundations 2.0” phase. During this period in the CrossFit classes, take the time to get acquainted with our bigger classes and how everything works. Focus on continuing to set a solid foundation and perform each movement to the best of your ability rather than moving as fast as possible, or just worrying about how much weight is on the bar.

In your initial classes, we care more about understanding the movements and getting your body moving well. If that means moving a little slower than everyone else or staying lighter in weights than people around, that is what we want you to do. If you are leaving workouts saying something like, “I think I could have deadlifted 20lbs more” or “I probably could have gone a little faster” – this is usually a GOOD thing and will help you build confidence in these new movements.

Use the first few months to focus on your new learned technique, become so good at the movements you no longer need to think about them, THEN ramp up that intensity and become the fittest version of you.

For the first month or two of CrossFit classes, focus on yourself. You will be surrounded by athletes of all abilities, some of whom have been doing CrossFit for years, others are just a few months out of Foundations like you. This adjustment period for a novice CrossFitter is 2-3 months.

Get to know your classmates and get involved in the community. Everyone is going through the same workouts, so enjoy the camaraderie that comes with finishing that especially grueling workout. Finding people of a similar fitness level to you can help you pace workouts and find out what kind of weights you can do. Seeing some of the more advanced athletes can also motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals.

What you get out of CrossFit is really up to you. We provide the tools and the support system for you to succeed. Take advantage of what is around you and you will find the benefits go beyond the physical!