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Testimonial – Dan B

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I look back at the past year and I went from back spasms that sabotaged a year of hard work and training to compete at the highest level of beach volleyball to feeling and seeing that I am in the best shape of my life. This year I had my most successful beach season yet winning eight professional tournaments in the Midwest and finishing as high as 13th and 17th in the country on the AVP tour competing with the best in the country.

I am more explosive, faster, and stronger in every area of the game now which helped me compete with the guys on tour whose full-time job is working out and playing all day.

I could not ave possibly played with that level physicality without committing to CrossFit. I also find I simply enjoy coming to CrossFit where last year I would workout as best I personally knew how to but saw it as a chore I didn’t often enjoy doing. Not only do I look forward to our WOD’s at CrossFit and being there, which alone is worth it, CrossFit is way mre effective than anything I had done previously. The exercises have addressed weaknesses and imbalances that caused my
spasms while also helping me gain strength to perform at the next level that I was pursuing.

It’s hard to know what to invest our time and energy into when we are all so busy but I am so glad I took the time to just reach out and try it. Taking that tiny first step led me to career best performances I would have never achieved with the injuries and issues I had faced previously. Those are just the tangible benefits not to mention the fact I was better under pressure and more confidant out on the court than ever before, in my opinion due to the workouts pushing us beyond our physical limits. I was pushed past every limit I had previously had to find that I had more in myself physically and mentally. CrossFit is more than a workout, it moves us towards our best selves physically and mentally, the fringe benefits in other areas of life are too many to list here. I am just so glad I took the time to invest in myself for just one hour three times a week, the gains have been more than I ever imagined.


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